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“Dear Kathy and Glenn,

I wanted to express my gratitude for the loving care my mom is receiving at Taylor Farm. Taylor Farm is an exemplary assisted living environment for those who require assistance, without losing their independence. I refrain from calling Taylor Farm a facility because it is nothing like a ‘Facility’.


Since my mom was diagnosed with dementia in November 2005, and my brother and I were told she would no longer be able to care for herself, our worlds have been filled with worry, regret and confusion. We were told by her doctor that we should find an assisted living facility with a dementia unit and only move her once.  


We moved her into a facility in Annapolis in December 2005 and were amazed at the lack of care, neglect and uncaring personnel within the facility after only a few short weeks. I wrote letters to the owners and management, made numerous phone calls, and visited frequently. Amazingly, nothing changed for the better and her condition was deteriorating quickly. She was very depressed and very scared to ask anyone for help. She felt like a nuisance and when she asked for help she rarely received it. She requires 24 hour assistance, especially for her urostomy, which needs to be emptied and replaced as needed. She was drenched with urine, unattended and with no assistance more times within the last year than I can count.


Now, on a much brighter note. Since the very first day at Taylor Farm the sincere care and assistance provided to her are truly amazing to me. For the first time in over a year, I have progressed to the point of not worrying every day. She has never been wet with urine and her mental state has improved noticeably with only residing at Taylor Farm for a little over a month. Every time I talk to her, either by phone or a visit, she remarks how nice all the personnel are and how much she likes living there…” - B. B.


We are dedicated to excellence in elder care.


Daily showers, oral hygiene, no long wait for toilet assistance, personal attention to requests and a great activity program contribute to our wonderful program

Call our knowledgeable staff today to arrange a personal tour.

You or your loved one can receive quality care and attention as well as unwavering support from our personable staff members.

The whole family will enjoy visiting the beautiful, quiet surroundings with old fashioned, fun activities

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For Immediate Assistance,

Contact the Owners Directly

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