For Immediate Assistance,

Contact the Owners Directly

Owner's Cell: 301-904-9290

  • An on-site Registered Nurse

  • A visiting doctor

  • A visiting podiatrist

  • A visiting physical therapist

  • A visiting occupational therapist




Caring and attentive support.

Call to have your questions about our assisted living services or senior apartment homes answered.

Your loved one can benefit from our amazing services

It’s amazing, but with all of these services on site, why would you or your loved one go to a large nursing home when we offer another option?

Heroic service is routinely given

The staff members who work at Taylor Farm are real life heroes. They lovingly give their best efforts to care for other people, day after day.

Did you know that Taylor Farm can care for almost everyone that a nursing home can?

This is possible because there is:

We're a great alternative to nursing homes

Nurse caring old age couple Senior Living Assisted Living Homes Nursing Home Care

For Immediate Assistance,

Contact the Owners Directly

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